QR Codes on Bulletin Boards- Scan the QR codes to learn more about each of these endangered animals.

QR Code Listening Centers - Scan the QR codes to listen and watch three different versions of The Frog Prince.

QR Code Research Cards - Provide students with QR codes with website links to information about research topics like states, countries, animals, biographies etc.

Video QR Cards- Give students QR codes with links to videos about a writing topic. You can use QRCode-Monkey.com to place an image inside the code. Students can attach the QR code to the final copy of their writing. This adds a whole new dimension to a writing project.

QR Code Map - The QR codes will take you to websites to learn more about the places on the map.

Talking Art Projects - When you scan the QR code you will hear the student's voice telling about their picture.

QR Codes in the Classroom


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