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My name is Mary Peterson. I have over 35 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, professional development leader and creator of practical teaching resources to help teachers create joyful and successful classrooms. I have been a national

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  • May 06,18

    Six Steps to Planning an Effective English Language Lesson

    A highly effective English language lesson should be fun and engaging with lots of teacher modeling, guidance, visuals, games and hands-on practice. Every English lesson should include all four modes of languag ...

  • Apr 15,18

    Six Best Alternatives to Worksheets

    No more worksheets please! A worksheet is a printed page that usually has one correct answer and is used one time then turned in, graded and/or tossed. Often the whole class is required to do the same worksheet ...

  • Feb 25,18

    Build Mastery in Multiplication and Division

      An successful way to increase¬† multiplication and division skills is with a mastery blast. A mastery blast is an engaging immersion technique to provide students with exciting across-the-curriculum acti ...