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My name is Mary Peterson. I have over 35 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, professional development leader and creator of practical teaching resources to help teachers create joyful and successful classrooms. I have been a national

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Latest Blog Posts
  • Nov 04,19

    Why and How to Teach Phonics

    The latest report shows only 35% of fourth graders in the United States are proficient in reading.  I have been searching for articles answering this question; Why are so many of our students not reading? Many ...

  • Aug 04,19

    Getting-Acquainted Classroom Games

    A perfect way to begin the school year is to play some active and fun getting-acquainted games. Here are some of my favorites: Snowball Partners – Get enough sheets of plain white paper for each student. ...

  • May 05,19

    Fun and Educational Indoor Games for the Whole Class

    My students and I absolutely love games! Games are so engaging and are a very effective way to enhance learning. Here are three of my favorite whole class games that may be played for any subject or grade level ...