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My name is Mary Peterson. I have over 35 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, professional development leader and creator of practical teaching resources to help teachers create joyful and successful classrooms. I have been a national

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  • Aug 28,20

    Distance Learning: Reading Instruction That Works!

      When I started teaching school the internet was not a thing and the phone was on a cord with a rotary dial.  I never stop being amazed at how quickly technology has developed over the last few decades. ...

  • Dec 31,19

    Card Games to Use in the Classroom

    Teaching students some of these good old fashion card games is almost like introducing them to a whole new world! Card games are fun and motivating, promote social interaction and are a very effective way to pr ...

  • Nov 04,19

    Why and How to Teach Phonics

    Most struggling readers cannot decode words. Some students crack the phonics code very quickly and become capable and confident readers easily.  However, without explicit and systematic phonics instruction man ...