How to Create and Use QR Codes in The Classroom

There are many innovative and exciting ways to use QR codes in the classroom. A Quick Response code is a digital image similar to a bar code that can be scanned with a mobile device using a QR reader app. Download one of the many free QR reader apps. Open the app and tap scan. A camera box will appear on the screen. Hover the iPad over the QR code, so the QR code is inside the camera box. When the camera recognizes the code, the iPad will open a specific digital destination for a website, video, text and more.

There are many free QR code generator websites where you can create a QR code. These are my two favorites:

  • QRStuff.comThe free version site allows you to create QR codes in a variety of colors. They also have a URL shortener which creates an easier-to-read QR code.   
  • – The free version of this site allows you to add an image to the center of the QR code.

Here are the steps for creating a QR code:

  1. Find the video or website you want students to view.
  2. Right click on the URL in the address box at the top of the screen and click copy.
  3. Open a QR code generator like the two mentioned above and paste the URL into the appropriate box on the screen.
  4. You may choose the color for the QR code and in QR Code Monkey you may upload an image to go in the center of the QR code.
  5. In QR Stuff click on Download QR Code and in QR Code Monkey click Create QR Code and then Download.

There are many ways to use the QR codes in the classroom. Click here for ideas.