Snowball Narrative Writing

snowball sample

Snowball narrative writing is a very exciting activity that get students up and moving! My students LOVE to write narrative stories using the snowball method. It is called snowball for two different reasons. First, the students will actually be throwing paper snowballs. Second, when you make snowballs, they grows bigger as your roll them in the snow. In this activity students will be building narrative stories one layer at a time.

Click here to download snowball narrative writing pages for primary and intermediate levels.


  1. Give each student a snowball page. Instruct them to write the first part of the story.
  2. When they are finished, have students crumple the page into a snowball.
  3. Play some music and let students have a snowball fight. How fun!
  4. When the music stops, have students take just one snowball back to their seats.
  5. Students should read what was written and write the next section of the story.
  6. Go back to step 2 and continue until the story has been completed.
  7. Have a few students share the finished stories. Students may also publish and illustrate the stories.

This is a super fun narrative writing activity to do for seasons and holidays. It is an excellent party day activity, because while being fun and engaging it also builds writing skills. Matching the music for the holiday or season adds to the fun!

Happy Teaching!