Inexpensive Color Printing for the Classroom

Quality color printing of games, reading material, and other activities greatly improves student engagement and enhances the educational experience for all types of learners. If you’re like me, you want to print colorful and engaging games and activities for your students, but you can’t print color copies at your school. Copy shops are very expensive, and so is buying those color ink cartridges for your home printer.  Well…. I discovered a very inexpensive way to make color copies thanks to HP!  (Note: I do not work for HP, nor do I get any commission from them. I am just very excited about their Instant Ink program!)

First you need to have an HP printer. My teaching team got together and used our PTA money on an printer which was on sale at Office Max for $59.  Make sure the printer supports the HP Instant Ink program.  For $10 a month you can print 300 copies and just 4 cents a copy over 300. HP mails new ink cartridges before the printer runs out of ink. If you are doing lots of color printing, this program saves money and your students will have a plethora of engaging and colorful games and activities which can be used over and over. These are so much better than worksheets!

Another great feature of Instant Ink is that you earn a free month when you get your friends to sign up for the program. One of my teacher friends already has earned a year of free printing! In fact you will receive one free month of printing from this code, and I will also receive one free month of printing:   When you sign up, you will receive your own code to share with friends and earn your own free months! Very cool!

When you are ready to print, here are some free board games in full color for you to print and differentiate for any subject or level!

Happy Teaching!