Aurasma in the Elementary Classroom 

There are SO many super exciting ways to use Aurasma (now it is called HP Reveal) in the classroom. Go to my blog post to learn more about the Aurasma app and how to create an aura. Watch the video to see what Aurasma looks like on the iPad screen.

  • Tag a book cover with a video of a student giving a book review. 
  • Tag an image in a newspaper or magazine with a video about the article.
  • Tag a greeting card with a special video message.    
  • Tag a student’s photo with a video of the student telling about himself or herself.
  • Tag a photo from a fieldtrip with a video of something that happened on the fieldtrip.
  • Tag a student’s art project with a video of the student explaining the project.
  • Tag a vocabulary word card with a video of the definition. 
  • Tag an image at a learning station with a video with the directions. 
  • Tag images in a year book with videos about the image such as plays, sports, contests, assemblies, etc.
  • Tag a homework page with a video of directions about how to do the homework.
  • Tag a photo of a science experiment with a video of the science experiment in action.
  • Tag an election poster with a video of the student telling why people should vote for him or her.
  • Create a video in  Face Talker , Funny Movie Maker , Tellagami or any other app that allows you to create a video and save it to your camera roll. Save and print the image you used to create the video, then tag the image with the video. (Examples of all three of these apps are shown in this video.)




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