Back To School Activities

  • Talking Page

    Follow the directions to create a talking book page. Have the students draw their self portrait around the mouth. Students can write about themselves or record their voice and add a QR code link to the recording.

  • Pop Top Person Book

    Follow the directions to create a pop-top book. Have students draw self portraits in the center of the page with their head in the part of the book that pops up. Glue the pages together to make a class pop-top book. this is a great first week get acquainted activity.

  • Apple Puzzle

    Create a giant apple on poster board. Cut the apple into puzzle pieces. Give each student a piece. They can write about themselves and draw or glue a picture. Put all the puzzle pieces together on the bulletin board.

  • School Bus Poem

    Put students in small groups and give each group a school bus cut out of poster board. Have students draw their pictures to glue on the bus. Then the students can write what they like about school on the bus.

  • All About Me Acrostic Poem

    Have students bring a wire clothes hanger and a long sleeved shirt. Students can trace and cut out their hands to staple inside the sleeves. They can draw their face to tape to the top of the hanger. These can be propped onto the student’s chairs for back to school night.

  • Apple Math

    Here is a free math game to practice addition and subtraction facts to 20 or multiplication and division facts to 100. all you need are the game board, crayons and two markers.


  • Off To School Board Game

    This is a free board game where you can differentiate for any grade or subject by writing on the cards any words or problems your students need to practice. the game board, directions and blank cards are included.