Free Board Games

You can adapt these board games to whatever level or subject you are teaching. On the back of the cards write math problems, vocabulary words, literature questions, etc. You can create different cards according to the needs and abilities of your students for easy, effective and differentiated learning centers.

How To Prepare the Games:

  1. Find game markers for students from old board games or use erasers, small toys, small blocks, etc.
  2. Print the directions, game board, and several sets of snowman cards on card stock.
  3. On the back of the cards write math problems or questions that you want the students to practice. It is a good idea to number each card and make an answer sheet, so students can check their answers. It’s also a good idea to laminate the card stock pages.
  4. Cut apart the cards.
  5. Trim the inside edges of the right and left game board and tape them together on the back, so the game board can still be folded in half. I like to use clear packing tape for this. If the game has a number wheel, attach a spinner to the center. Paper clips attached with paper fasteners work well for spinners.
  6. Tape the directions onto a gallon size baggy and store all of the game pieces in the baggy.