Materials Needed:
        clear plastic food service gloves
        several types of seeds
        cotton balls
        Sharpie pen


1. With a sharpie pen write the name of each seed on the fingers of the plastic glove. 
2. Moisten a cotton ball (it should not be dripping wet) and put a few seeds on it. Poke the cotton ball into the finger tip of the glove with a pencil.

3. Seeds will stay wet and do not need sunshine yet. Students can keep them at their desks and watch the seeds sprout.

4. In 1-2 weeks the seeds will sprout, and they can be transplanted. When transplanting cut off the finger tips of the gloves and take out the plant.  Plant with cotton ball and all, in a container filled with soil and set in a sunny place.

5. Students can record the measurements and observations of their plants in a  journal.

Garden in a Glove

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