Differentiated Guided Writing for Grades K-6 Webinar

This free one hour webinar  is a condensed version of the whole day seminar I teach on Differentiated Guided Writing for grades K-2 and grades 3-6. This webinar contains the  basics for what you  need to know to incorporate differentiated guided writing in your classroom. This is an outline of the strategies, techniques and resources you will receive from this webinar:

What is differentiated guided writing? You will learn the five essentials of a differentiated guided writing class.

How do I organize and manage differentiated guided reading?  You will receive scheduling ideas  tried and tested ideas and organizational tips to manage a differentiated guided writing classroom.

What are some differentiated guided writing lessons and activities? I will give you a wealth of ideas for planning a guided writing lessons depending on the needs of the students.  You will also receive many ideas for writing sentences, writing narratives, opinion writing and informative writing.

How do I launch differentiated guided reading?  I will share some day-by-day ideas to help prepare students for a successful differentiated guided writing workshop.

Free resources: At the end of the webinar you will receive a resource page with links to many of the resources I will be talking about in the webinar.

Certificate of Participation: You will receive a certificate for one hour of professional development from an international professional development leader (That’s me!).

I hope you will join me!