Teacher Professional Development

“The only absolutely essential element of an effective school is an effective classroom teacher.” Allington and Cunningham

“To be successful in teaching all children, teachers need to become extremely knowledgeable about effective strategies as well as diagnostic in their approach to instruction.” David Sousa

With over 35 years of practical classroom experience, Mary knows what works with students. Mary provides onsite professional development to help teachers differentiate instruction, increase their effectiveness and ultimately improve student achievement. Following is a description of Mary’s most popular full day professional development seminars. A practical and comprehensive 130+ page handbook accompanies Mary’s seminars. She will also custom fit the content and follow-up sessions according to the requests of the school.

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Differentiated Guided Reading
Grades K-2

  • How to implement a successful guided reading program
  • A wealth of fluency, vocabulary and comprehension strategies based on the best educational practices.
  • Strategies to increase reading comprehension through close reading
  • Easy to implement literacy learning stations
  • Management techniques to keep the class independent and productive while the teacher works with small groups
  • Highly effective lessons to increase comprehension of literature and informational text.
  • How to use graphic organizers to increase thinking skills
  • Differentiated literacy instruction for ESL, struggling, and gifted students

Differentiated Guided Reading
Grades 3-6

  • A wealth of guided reading lessons based on best teaching practices
  • Easy to implement and manage independent literacy learning stations
  • Teach comprehension skills with outstanding literature and informational books
  • Increase oral and written reading responses through motivating literature circles
  • Increase comprehension and vocabulary knowledge in content area reading
  • Dozens of word games and activities to increase spelling skills and vocabulary knowledge
  • Differentiated instruction for ESL, struggling, and gifted students
  • Strategies to increase higher level thinking skills

Differentiated Guided Math
Grades K-2

  • How to implement a successful guided math program.
  • How to most effectively differentiate math class
  • Math center activities and management techniques
  • Dozens of ways to help students master math facts
  • Increase word problem solving skills
  • Writing and math
  • Reading and math
  • Engaging math projects
  • Helping students maximize number sense skills
  • Lots of hands-on engaging activities to increase math achievement.

Differentiated Guided Math
Grades 3-6

  • How to implement a successful guided math program
  • How to most effectively differentiate math instruction and learning stations
  • A wealth of math center ideas and management techniques
  • Help students develop deeper mathematical thinking and discussion skills
  • Maximize word problem solving skills
  • Increase math vocabulary with evidence-based activities
  • Hands-on math projects to stimulate understanding
  • Dozens of ways to help students master multiplication and division facts
  • Numerous meaningful and exciting math games and activities in place value, algebraic thinking, fractions, geometry, measurement and more!
  • Great ideas to help students make the reading, writing, math connection.

Differentiated Guided Writing
Grades K-2

  • Guide students through the developmental stages of writing
  • Modeled and interactive writing lessons
  • Sentence, paragraph, story, and poetry writing strategies and ideas
  • Step by step writing focus lessons
  • Dozens of across the curriculum narrative, informational and opinion writing ideas
  • Strategies to help students revise and edit their own writing
  • Writing workshop management techniques
  • Motivating publishing ideas to share and celebrate writing
  • Authentic assessment and evaluation tools
  • Scaffold and guide struggling writers and ELL students to writing success

Differentiated Guided Writing
Grades 3-6

  • Step by step guided writing focus lessons based on best practices
  • Highly effective strategies to help students write quality sentences and paragraphs
  • Dozens of motivating narrative, informational and opinion writing ideas
  • Writing workshop management techniques
  • Techniques to help students revise and edit their own writing
  • Teacher and peer conferencing strategies
  • How to help students use graphic organizers as writing tools
  • Activities to empower students to use rich vocabulary in their writing
  • Motivating publishing ideas
  • How to prepare students for writing assessments
  • Realistic approaches to evaluate and assess writing growth and abilities
  • Scaffold and guide struggling writers and ELL students to writing success

Build Success for Your ELL Students
Grades K-6

  • Practical ideas to make current curriculum comprehensible and relevant
  • How to help ELL students progress through the Language Standards
  • Cooperative learning techniques and activities
  • Comprehensible strategies for teaching academic content
  • Highly effective comprehension strategies of literature and informational text
  • Step by step English language lessons for each level of language learner
  • Ways to integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking into the curriculum.
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching to promote self esteem and understanding
  • Dozens of fun and exciting language games
  • Management techniques to accommodate ESL students in the general classroom
  • Tools to perform ongoing and informal assessment to match instruction with the needs of the ELL students.