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-"I tried for years to do centers, but always gave up because I couldn't keep up with correcting the papers. Today after guided reading I looked around my room and every single child was on task!  It was just so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO MAKE MY CLASSROOM WHAT I ALWAYS DREAMED IT WOULD BE!".  
Karen Sanner 2nd Grade Teacher

-I came to your presentation and loved your ideas. I brought them back to my class and I just had to tell you that they loved them ALL. 
5th graders, completely engaged and learning! The games are such a great review for the achievement test. Thank you!
Larkin Simpson 5th Grade Teacher

-"My third grade team has also been enjoying your website and all the teacher resources I've purchased this year. I've never had resources before that were so
 teacher friendly and easy to use. You are a true teacher treasure." Gail Perrymann, 3rd Grade Teacher

-“This training was
beyond practical. It was insightful and motivating. I can’t wait to get back to my kids!” Jackie Hodgson, Special Ed Teacher

-“This has been the 
most rewarding professional development day I have ever been to. I will use all of these ideas in my classroom!” Jennifer McMillan, 4th Grade Teacher

-“Fantastic! I was pleased with the energy and humor of Mary Peterson. She did an outstanding job of relating to educators and providing us with 
truly creative, motivating, and worthwhile activities and resources.” Kristina Lott, 5th Grade Teacher

-“This was probably the
most interesting, entertaining, and useful workshop I have been to in 12 years of teaching. Wonderful presenter!” Robin deMonch, 3rd Grade Teacher

-“What a super seminar! Mary is full of wonderful stories and activities that are tried and true and will 
excite even the most reluctant students.” Stephanie Farmer, 4th Grade Teacher

-“A day packed full of wonderful ideas and strategies.  
The best seminar I have attended in my 35 years of teaching!” – Carole MacDougall, 1st Grade Teacher 

-“Fantastic presentation! Very, very applicable examples of 
practical ideas and activities to do with ELL students!” – Jenny Wilkinson, ESL Specialist 

-“Great seminar! Everything I learned is 
practical and will be put to good use in my classroom!” – Erin Hurkett, 2nd Grade Teacher 

-“Extremely informative!
Lots of wonderful ideas to take back and use immediately!” – Judy Rand, Kindergarten Teacher 

-“Mary Peterson is a wonderful presenter! She offers many 
practical ideas and activities that are meaningful, rigorous and engaging for students!” – Aimee Velazquez, 6th Grade Teacher 

-“Thank you for all the 
practical and fun ideas! I love the idea of building in fun because my students will become lifelong learners!” – Kelly Asbridge, 3rd Grade Teacher 

Practical, hands-on activities that I can use tomorrow!” – Jody Schultz, 2nd Grade Teacher 

Great ideas that I can’t wait to use in my classroom!” – Sabrina Spencer, 5th Grade Teacher 

-“The organization of this seminar is excellent and everything was
easy to understand! The resource handbook will be very useful!”– Marcia Corona, 3rd Grade Bilingual Teacher 

-“All of Mary’s examples helped me see how to make and do all of her wonderful activities!” – Cynthia Joncas, 4th Grade Teacher 

-“Great ideas! I will use these 
practical strategies and techniques with all my students to help them understand the key concepts.” – Beira Segura, Educational Assistant 

-“Fabulous ‘make and take’! I
loved all the useful ideas! I can’t wait to start using them!” – Linda Vauruska, ESL Teacher 

-“This Seminar has been a
life changing event. I feel recharged and ready to turn over a new leaf. Thank-you very much!”  Larry Hodgson, 3rd Grade TeacherType your paragraph here.